Multiview Illusions Coloring Book!



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25 hand drawn illustrations to color

  • Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through
  • Each illustration is printed twice (duplicates in the back) for a total of 50 pages.

The multiview illusions coloring book has 25 illustrations all hand-drawn and digitally edited by ‘Trick Slattery. Most are completely original ambiguous optical illusions, and others are inspired* in some way by classical illusions. All are drawn in ‘Tricks quirky and whimsical style.

All illustrations can be seen in more than one way. The images were drawn with varying complexities, so if you are looking for a challenge you can choose a more intricate drawing with lots of nooks to color, or if you are looking for something quick or easy, a more simplistic page would be the way to go.

Each illustration has been duplicated for a total of 50 coloring pages (duplicates in the back of the book), giving you a chance at a do-over or to color a different “view” of the same artwork.

Coloring pages are single-sided to minimize bleed-through and scoring and have large margins for access to the entire image and ease of cutting out for framing. Images printed on 60lb pure white paper. High-quality colored pencils suggested for the best results.


01 Seahorse or chameleon?
02 Queen of hearts or king of spades (elves)?
03 Elephant or swan? *
04 Donkey or seal? *
05 Orangutan or monkey?
06 Owl or parrots in front of the moon (or with large backs).
07 Turn that frown upside down baby.
08 Two bears holding hands or one big bear?
09 Bird eating mouse or mouse in a canoe near a fish? *
10 Jester cat or king fish?
11 Egyptian bird or rhino?
12 Moth on a tree, happy tree creature, or disgruntled tree creature?
13 Mountain landscape or lion?
14 Elf or troll chief?
15 Two side view faces, or one front view face behind a vase, or vase face? *
16 Fish or lagoon creature?
17 One big cat or two cats head to head?
18 Dragon or frog? *
19 Turn that clown, upside down.
20 Strange bird or rabbit? *
21 Penguin or caribou? *
22 Young woman or old lady looking through a window? *
23 Hairy caveman or tiny-head man with big hair?
24 Mouse in fruit basket or pig creature with tongue out?
25 Big-eared alien with a bot or long eyed alien with a UFO?

Colored in sample:


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