Fantasy Flip Faces – Optical Illusions Coloring Book

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25 hand drawn fantasy coloring page illustrations / optical illusions, featuring elves, goblins, trolls, a wizard, a unicorn, a dragon, and many other fantasy creatures. Each “side” of a page represents a faction. These images are hand-drawn by me (‘Trick) in my quirky and whimsical style.

All illustrations can be seen in two ways with a flip of the page. The images were drawn with varying complexities, so if you are looking for a challenge you can choose a more intricate drawing with lots of nooks to color, or if you are looking for something quick or easy, a more simplistic page would be the way to go.

Each illustration has been duplicated for a total of 50 coloring pages (duplicates in the back of the book), giving you a chance at a do-over or to color a different “view” of the same artwork.

Coloring pages are single-sided to minimize bleed-through and scoring and have large margins for access to the entire image and ease of cutting out for framing. Images printed on 60lb pure white paper. Perfect for colored pencils and other media.

SIZE: 8.5 x11


The 25 unique drawings are duplicated for 50 pages total

All Original Hand-drawn Artwork by me (‘Trick)

There is an invisible world that humans cannot see called Terraflippia. It is a world filled with magic, elves, fairies, wizards, goblins, trolls, and other fantasy creatures.

This world is a beautiful world, but it is also one that is divided. The two main factions of the world are the Elvenic and the Ganespe. The Elvenic consists of elves and various allies such as the grand wizard and the unicorns. The Ganespe consists of goblins, trolls, imps, and other alliance members. This division between factions has caused great turmoil in Terraflippia, and no solution has been found. Even the magic of the grand wizard hasn’t helped.

The grand wizard, realizing the impending doom of Terraflippia, has recognized that the only way to restore balance and order between the two factions is to generate magic from a parallel world – from the human world. But how? Humans have so much creativity, but how can it be consolidated and converted to magic?

He then remembered the great power that color inherently generates and devised a color magic spell. The wizard added the idea to an artist’s thoughts prompting him to create a coloring book that represents the two factions in 25 magical flip illustrations.

The spell was placed on imagery that balances the two factions, and restores magic to Terraflippia.

To the artist the coloring book and this story are just a part of his imagination, but to Terraflippia they are much more. The two factions on each page represent different sides of the same coin, and a balance between the two.

The magic happens when humans around the globe access their creativity to give these illustrations the life of color. Now the magic is up to you. The views you see and the color you give to them have the capacity to save Terraflippia and bring peace.

The grand wizard asks all colorists to color what is in their hearts, but also to remember that appearances aren’t everything. What is ugly on the outside isn’t always ugly on the inside.

The fate of Terraflippia is in your hands!