Aug 092014

I illustrated a few more mermaids.  Why not, mermaids are loads of watery fun! Take a look and let me know whatcha’ think!

First up is an adorable “large eyed mermaid”. I meticulously drew and detailed the scales in pen and ink. Later I scanned in, wiped the white background (made it transparent), and colored in this cutie!



If you like her, check her out on Zazzle here!


Next up is the wild haired mermaid with a staff. Again, she’s pen and in line and pointalism artwork that I detailed out, scanned, and colored in photoshop!



I also created two different (reverse) colored versions:


And put them both together into one here:



If you like any of these mermaids check ’em out on Zazzle here and buy something. For an earlier post with different mermaid designs click here.

Remember, everything in my Zazzle stores are fully customizable! Add your own text, change background colors, etc. If you want to see all of my Zazzle fantasy designs check out here. As always adding these designs to products takes effort and time. If you like any of my designs but do not see one on a specific product you want, let me know. I’ll get it on the product for you, I promise.

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