Jun 102013

Here are a few more adorable designs I’ve created. Be sure to check out my store for ’em all: Trick’s Place

Yup, an adorable bee fairy dressed in that yellow and black striped outfit with her furry little bee friend.

Bee Fairy Tshirts
Bee Fairy Tshirts by TricksPlace

And cuteness does not just come in the form of fairies, but dragons as furry dragons as well! This furry dragon has wild patterns.

Keep in mind that all my products are customize-able, which means you can add your own text, change the shirt and shirt color, change the background color behind the artwork to your own liking, and so on! That’s the great thing about zazzle – not only do you get original designs, but if the artist makes the products properly you can customize those designs to suite your own personal tastes and personalize ’em!

Have a great day!

Apr 242013

I’ve uploaded a number of dragons. My last one is the golden dragon that I just finished coloring. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Golden Dragon Shirts
Golden Dragon Shirts by TricksPlace

Dragon Shirt
Dragon Shirt by TricksPlace

Mini Dragon T Shirts
Mini Dragon T Shirts by TricksPlace

Sleeping Pocket Dragon Shirts
Sleeping Pocket Dragon Shirts by TricksPlace

I also wanted to thank Carl for having me guest post some of my T-shirt artwork on “i know i made you smile“!

art compilations

Have a great day!