Aug 162013

I’ve been playing around with some mermaid art creations. Check out these two…

A cute mermaid. This is a big eyed adorable mermaid and her lil’ fishy friend. It’s crosshatched to perfection and then colorized in photoshop.

Also a mermaid sitting on a sea turtles back while dipping her  tail-fin into the water under a full moon. I initially created this in pen and ink, but then recreated it entirely in photoshop using the paintbrush.

Here is a zoomed in shot of the face for better detail:

Mermaid Face

I’ll be adding these to more zazzle products soon. If you see a product you want one on just lemmee know!

For other fantasy, sci fi, and interesting, weird, or fun art of mine visit my Zazzle store.

Catch ya later! —  ‘Trick

Jun 102013

Here are a few more adorable designs I’ve created. Be sure to check out my store for ’em all: Trick’s Place

Yup, an adorable bee fairy dressed in that yellow and black striped outfit with her furry little bee friend.

Bee Fairy Tshirts
Bee Fairy Tshirts by TricksPlace

And cuteness does not just come in the form of fairies, but dragons as furry dragons as well! This furry dragon has wild patterns.

Keep in mind that all my products are customize-able, which means you can add your own text, change the shirt and shirt color, change the background color behind the artwork to your own liking, and so on! That’s the great thing about zazzle – not only do you get original designs, but if the artist makes the products properly you can customize those designs to suite your own personal tastes and personalize ’em!

Have a great day!