Jan 172014

As you may or may not have noticed, this site is going through an overhaul. My blog will still be here to show off my artwork or to say something about a creative process of mine, zazzle,  etc.  I recently created a few Valentine’s Day designs for my Zazzle store. I haven’t placed them on a whole lot of products as of yet…just a few of the basic ones. I plan for them to go on a number of ’em. If there is a specific product you’d like to see one of these illustrations on let me know!

This is an Ogre who is very proud of his new heart tattoo. I designed this so people can add the name of their significant other within the heart tattoo for the various products I placed him on. Zazzle is great for making customized products and all of my products can be customized. The name is very easy to add as you will see a field on the right hand side that you can change the name for when viewing this product in the store!

Ogre Proud of Heart tattoo

There is also a black pen and ink line version for this if you prefer non-colored:


Also since my Zombie Santa was so popular I decided to make the best Zombie Cupid you will ever come across:


In lineart only version as well:


On the cuter side of things I make a Heart Sprinkling Valentine Elf:


Awwww…aint she just so sweet, sprinkling hearts down to people below as she floats around using helium balloons attached to a harness.


Also check out the Furry Heart Creature’s Valentine I made:


And in the pen and ink version as well:


Yes, I know…I know….too adorable. Something had to counteract a Zombie Cupid!!!!


For all of my Valentine’s Day products you can click here.

To see my entire store go to zazzle.com/tricksplace


Let me know whatcha think of my newest Valentine’s Day designs!



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