Oct 082014

Autumn Spotted Unicorn_Background-SMALLER-COLOR

I first created this fantasy illustration in pen and ink on paper out of my own head while sitting on the couch. The pen and ink line artwork looks like this:

Later I scanned the black and white line drawing in and recreated it in Photoshop where it went through a number of changes. Here is an old revision that is less bright as he one you see in the autumn landscape above:

OLD- Autumn_Spotted_Unicorn-SHOT

Next I started developing a landscape scene behind the unicorn in Photoshop. I based the trees and layout of my scene off of this forest picture I used for reference:

forest pic used for reference

From there I started painting my forest scene. I didn’t want a green forest, I wanted an autumn scene with some bright autumn colors, so as I digitally painted the scene I kept this in mind. I also wanted a dreamy “fantasy” feel to the scene so I decided to create some sunbeams using a white line and an overlay blend mode in Photoshop at 50% transparency. As I started building the landscape around the unicorn, to make the unicorn mesh a started brightening it up and adding some of the color of the scene to it. The final unicorn colors looks like this:


If you compare this to the first revision, you will notice the different color variations that have been added in for effect. When adding in the sunbeams I decided I wanted one to hit the top of the unicorn horn so I aimed it that way and added a sparkle to it.


Added a but of sparkle to the sunbeams and brightened up some of the colors and presto, my autumn unicorn fantasy scene was complete!

Autumn Spotted Unicorn_Background-SMALLER-COLOR

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating this one! And as with all of my artwork, I added this to some Zazzle products for anyone interested: ZAZZLE

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