Elf Riding Sleigh


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An awesome fantasy Christmas elf wearing a red Santa hat and riding a sleigh being pulled by some unknown fantasy animal. This elf is zipping along the snow covered ground. It’s gigantic ears and green skin make for a more fantastical version of an elf. It’s wooden sleigh, winter outfit, and warm santa type hat are textured. This is pen and ink line art, scanned in, and colored digitally. Great for any winter, Christmas, solstice, holiday, and season’s greetings gifts or events.

All Zazzle products are entirely customizable, which means you can add your own text, move around or resize the image, change the background color, switch the item to a related item, and even add your own image if you are so inclined (for example, a background image). This flexibility does not increase the cost and is what makes the products so unique.

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