Apr 242013

I’ve uploaded a number of dragons. My last one is the golden dragon that I just finished coloring. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Golden Dragon Shirts
Golden Dragon Shirts by TricksPlace

Dragon Shirt
Dragon Shirt by TricksPlace

Mini Dragon T Shirts
Mini Dragon T Shirts by TricksPlace

Sleeping Pocket Dragon Shirts
Sleeping Pocket Dragon Shirts by TricksPlace

I also wanted to thank Carl for having me guest post some of my T-shirt artwork on “i know i made you smile“!

art compilations

Have a great day!


  4 Responses to “Dragons Galore!”

  1. I love your work. You remind me a little bit of Mark Kistler, one of my heroes. I like the upside down dog at the top of your page, on the left. Is he wearing a headset microphone? That’s so cute/clever/quirky!

    • Thanks Matthew. I just looked up Mark as I wasn’t familiar. Looks like he draws silly fun stuff too.

      Yup a headset. 😉

      I like your portraits, and also think it neat that you wrote and illustrated a book. In the process of writing one myself so understand the determination involved!

      Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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