Oct 172016

Check it out, I colored in two different views from a single optical illusion page from my coloring book:

Fantasy Flip Faces – Optical Illusions Coloring Book


I colored these in using colored pencil, scanned ’em in, and used photoshop to place them in an animated gif that “flips” the page and switches to the other colored in page! I think it looks pretty neat-o  when it switched from the elf to the goblin and back!


Also, I created a book of 25 fantasy flip faces (this page is in it) that convert over from an alliance member of “Elvenic” (elves, wizard, unicorn, dragon, ent, etc)  to an alliance member of the “Ganespe” (goblins, trolls, imps, sorcerer, orcs, etc.). You will notice at the top/bottom there  is some elvenic language, the code for that is in the book, available on Amazon:

Check out the story at the books page and do your part to save Terraflippia! 😉


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