Nov 142014

I just built a page for linking to all of my Christmas / Winter Season artwork! Each of the illustration you see are on a large variety of different Zazzle products that you can customize to your own liking. Think about the possibilities for text or background colors that you can add to these illustrations.

Are you into the extremely adorable or know someone who is?  Take a look at some of these:


The cute Christmas elf in her pajamas carrying a box (with eyes) I created as pen and ink line art and colored it digitally. Look at the pen detail of the hat and box. The mini-santa, the cutest lil’ Santa Clause you will ever see, I created digitally, and the happy Christmas tree cartoon (x-mas trees love to be decorated) was pen and ink line art, colored digitally as well. Christmas cute-ness overload!

Or how about something a little less cute and quite bizarre for Christmas:


Zombie Santa is a popular illustration I created using pen and ink and colored digitally. People seem to like this one, probably because it moves away from your typical Christmas art. But speaking of atypical, Santa as a slave driver with a licorice whip kind of makes a little “ethical” point over the labor to make consumerist Christmas goods cheaply. Not for the faint of heart. And an alien coming out of the belly of poor “Frosty” the snowman makes people look twice at the nice winter snowman scene they are seeing. These are on loads of products including shirts, wrapping paper, mugs, ornaments, cards, phone cases, and so on.

Into elves taking sled or sleigh rides? Or how about elves that need to pee? Take a look at these:
elfridingsleigh-SHOT-COLORcrazy_elf_sled_ride-SHOT-COLORelfgottapee -SHOT-COLORONLY

All pen and ink lineart scanned and colored digitally. The first elf in a sleigh isn’t your typical elf, but closer to one you’d see in some truly fantasy scene. For the crazy elf sled ride, the boy elf takes his passengers on an unsuspecting detour.  And of course sometimes an elf just has to pee! I plan on adding a lot more Christmas illustrations to the collection. Do let me know what you think.


Also, if you like my art and want to see me produce many new pieces of work, you might want to become my patron on Patreon. Not only will you allow me to create many new illustrations and place on many POD products for purchase, but you’ll gain access to special patron line art I create just for you! Also, tell me what art you liked the best, found most fun, and so on, and I’ll try to produce more of the best stuff.

Have a great Christmas / Holiday Season!

‘Trick Slattery

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Oct 082014

Autumn Spotted Unicorn_Background-SMALLER-COLOR

I first created this fantasy illustration in pen and ink on paper out of my own head while sitting on the couch. The pen and ink line artwork looks like this:

Later I scanned the black and white line drawing in and recreated it in Photoshop where it went through a number of changes. Here is an old revision that is less bright as he one you see in the autumn landscape above:

OLD- Autumn_Spotted_Unicorn-SHOT

Next I started developing a landscape scene behind the unicorn in Photoshop. I based the trees and layout of my scene off of this forest picture I used for reference:

forest pic used for reference

From there I started painting my forest scene. I didn’t want a green forest, I wanted an autumn scene with some bright autumn colors, so as I digitally painted the scene I kept this in mind. I also wanted a dreamy “fantasy” feel to the scene so I decided to create some sunbeams using a white line and an overlay blend mode in Photoshop at 50% transparency. As I started building the landscape around the unicorn, to make the unicorn mesh a started brightening it up and adding some of the color of the scene to it. The final unicorn colors looks like this:


If you compare this to the first revision, you will notice the different color variations that have been added in for effect. When adding in the sunbeams I decided I wanted one to hit the top of the unicorn horn so I aimed it that way and added a sparkle to it.


Added a but of sparkle to the sunbeams and brightened up some of the colors and presto, my autumn unicorn fantasy scene was complete!

Autumn Spotted Unicorn_Background-SMALLER-COLOR

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Aug 092014

I illustrated a few more mermaids.  Why not, mermaids are loads of watery fun! Take a look and let me know whatcha’ think!

First up is an adorable “large eyed mermaid”. I meticulously drew and detailed the scales in pen and ink. Later I scanned in, wiped the white background (made it transparent), and colored in this cutie!



If you like her, check her out on Zazzle here!


Next up is the wild haired mermaid with a staff. Again, she’s pen and in line and pointalism artwork that I detailed out, scanned, and colored in photoshop!



I also created two different (reverse) colored versions:


And put them both together into one here:



If you like any of these mermaids check ’em out on Zazzle here and buy something. For an earlier post with different mermaid designs click here.

Remember, everything in my Zazzle stores are fully customizable! Add your own text, change background colors, etc. If you want to see all of my Zazzle fantasy designs check out here. As always adding these designs to products takes effort and time. If you like any of my designs but do not see one on a specific product you want, let me know. I’ll get it on the product for you, I promise.

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Jan 172014

As you may or may not have noticed, this site is going through an overhaul. My blog will still be here to show off my artwork or to say something about a creative process of mine, zazzle,  etc.  I recently created a few Valentine’s Day designs for my Zazzle store. I haven’t placed them on a whole lot of products as of yet…just a few of the basic ones. I plan for them to go on a number of ’em. If there is a specific product you’d like to see one of these illustrations on let me know!

This is an Ogre who is very proud of his new heart tattoo. I designed this so people can add the name of their significant other within the heart tattoo for the various products I placed him on. Zazzle is great for making customized products and all of my products can be customized. The name is very easy to add as you will see a field on the right hand side that you can change the name for when viewing this product in the store!

Ogre Proud of Heart tattoo

There is also a black pen and ink line version for this if you prefer non-colored:


Also since my Zombie Santa was so popular I decided to make the best Zombie Cupid you will ever come across:


In lineart only version as well:


On the cuter side of things I make a Heart Sprinkling Valentine Elf:


Awwww…aint she just so sweet, sprinkling hearts down to people below as she floats around using helium balloons attached to a harness.


Also check out the Furry Heart Creature’s Valentine I made:


And in the pen and ink version as well:


Yes, I know…I know….too adorable. Something had to counteract a Zombie Cupid!!!!


For all of my Valentine’s Day products you can click here.

To see my entire store go to


Let me know whatcha think of my newest Valentine’s Day designs!



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Jun 012013

OK – I must be on cuteness overload because I just designed the most adorable tooth fairy for my Zazzle Shop. It started with the creation of Fairy Aviator, and I just thought …lets go for even cuter! I first sketched this with pencil, then I scanned in the sketch, wiped out the background, and colored in photoshop.  This lil’ fairy is carrying home her favorite item, a baby tooth that was left for her under a pillow!

Let me know what ya’ think!

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May 302013

I admit, I love creating fantasy art. I really enjoy winged creatures with pointy ears (known as fairies, fairy, faery, faerie, fay, fae, pixies, etc)

I’m sure there will be much more of these types of creatures to come! Keep in mind that if you see these on one product they may be on another. And if they are not and you want one to be, just let me know and I’ll get it on the product ASAP for ya!

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Mar 252013

I’ve just started this blog to display some of my designs, artwork, and doodles!

I’ve also opened my Zazzle Store! I’ll be adding a new blogpost for each design I create. I hope you enjoy!

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