Oct 172016

Check it out, I colored in two different views from a single optical illusion page from my coloring book:

Fantasy Flip Faces – Optical Illusions Coloring Book


I colored these in using colored pencil, scanned ’em in, and used photoshop to place them in an animated gif that “flips” the page and switches to the other colored in page! I think it looks pretty neat-o  when it switched from the elf to the goblin and back!


Also, I created a book of 25 fantasy flip faces (this page is in it) that convert over from an alliance member of “Elvenic” (elves, wizard, unicorn, dragon, ent, etc)  to an alliance member of the “Ganespe” (goblins, trolls, imps, sorcerer, orcs, etc.). You will notice at the top/bottom there  is some elvenic language, the code for that is in the book, available on Amazon:

Check out the story at the books page and do your part to save Terraflippia! 😉


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Oct 032016

My newest coloring book is here!


Fantasy Flip Faces: Optical Illusions Coloring Book (Elves vs. Goblins) by ‘Trick Slattery


This is the newest coloring book by me (‘Trick). Inside is 25 hand drawn fantasy coloring page illustrations / optical illusions, featuring elves, goblins, trolls, a wizard, a unicorn, a dragon, and many other fantasy creatures. Each “side” of a page represents a faction. Pages are duplicated so you can try coloring the other “view”.

Available on Amazon!


There is an invisible world that humans cannot see called Terraflippia. It is a world filled with magic, elves, fairies, wizards, goblins, trolls, and other fantasy creatures.

This world is a beautiful world, but it is also one that is divided. The two main factions of the world are the Elvenic and the Ganespe. The Elvenic consists of elves and various allies such as the grand wizard and the unicorns. The Ganespe consists of goblins, trolls, imps, and other alliance members. This division between factions has caused great turmoil in Terraflippia, and no solution has been found. Even the magic of the grand wizard hasn’t helped.

The grand wizard, realizing the impending doom of Terraflippia, has recognized that the only way to restore balance and order between the two factions is to generate magic from a parallel world – from the human world. But how? Humans have so much creativity, but how can it be consolidated and converted to magic?

He then remembered the great power that color inherently generates and devised a color magic spell. The wizard added the idea to an artist’s thoughts prompting him to create a coloring book that represents the two factions in 25 magical flip illustrations.

The spell was placed on imagery that balances the two factions, and restores magic to Terraflippia.

To the artist the coloring book and this story are just a part of his imagination, but to Terraflippia they are much more. The two factions on each page represent different sides of the same coin, and a balance between the two.

The magic happens when humans around the globe access their creativity to give these illustrations the life of color. Now the magic is up to you. The views you see and the color you give to them have the capacity to save Terraflippia and bring peace.

The grand wizard asks all colorists to color what is in their hearts, but also to remember that appearances aren’t everything. What is ugly on the outside isn’t always ugly on the inside.

The fate of Terraflippia is in your hands!

Front and back:


Trust me, you’ve never colored anything like this before! 😉


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Aug 162013

I’ve been playing around with some mermaid art creations. Check out these two…

A cute mermaid. This is a big eyed adorable mermaid and her lil’ fishy friend. It’s crosshatched to perfection and then colorized in photoshop.

Also a mermaid sitting on a sea turtles back while dipping her  tail-fin into the water under a full moon. I initially created this in pen and ink, but then recreated it entirely in photoshop using the paintbrush.

Here is a zoomed in shot of the face for better detail:

Mermaid Face

I’ll be adding these to more zazzle products soon. If you see a product you want one on just lemmee know!

For other fantasy, sci fi, and interesting, weird, or fun art of mine visit my Zazzle store.

Catch ya later! —  ‘Trick

Jun 102013

Here are a few more adorable designs I’ve created. Be sure to check out my store for ’em all: Trick’s Place

Yup, an adorable bee fairy dressed in that yellow and black striped outfit with her furry little bee friend.

Bee Fairy Tshirts
Bee Fairy Tshirts by TricksPlace

And cuteness does not just come in the form of fairies, but dragons as furry dragons as well! This furry dragon has wild patterns.

Keep in mind that all my products are customize-able, which means you can add your own text, change the shirt and shirt color, change the background color behind the artwork to your own liking, and so on! That’s the great thing about zazzle – not only do you get original designs, but if the artist makes the products properly you can customize those designs to suite your own personal tastes and personalize ’em!

Have a great day!

Apr 242013

I’ve uploaded a number of dragons. My last one is the golden dragon that I just finished coloring. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Golden Dragon Shirts
Golden Dragon Shirts by TricksPlace

Dragon Shirt
Dragon Shirt by TricksPlace

Mini Dragon T Shirts
Mini Dragon T Shirts by TricksPlace

Sleeping Pocket Dragon Shirts
Sleeping Pocket Dragon Shirts by TricksPlace

I also wanted to thank Carl for having me guest post some of my T-shirt artwork on “i know i made you smile“!

art compilations

Have a great day!


Apr 112013

I drew these little sleeping pocket monsters using pen and ink. I then scanned in the pen and ink drawings, and made the background transparent. Afterward I colored in the three creatures (an alien, a dragon, and a baby monster) within Photoshop using my Wacom tablet of course.

Since the background is transparent, the “bed” or “pocket” covers will always be the color of the product the image is places on. So if the shirt or folder is red, the covers will be that color. It’s meant to give the illusion that the creature is sleeping inside of the pocket of whatever product it’s on.

And with all of the drawings and designs I create, I make them totally cusomizable so they can be re-sized, or text added as you please.