Autumn Spotted Unicorn


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Autumn Spotted Unicorn_Background-SMALLER-COLOR

The title of this piece is “Autumn Spotted Unicorn”. A gorgeous spotted unicorn with exotic fur patterns. It has a long fluffy mail and tail and a striped fur back and legs. It’s unicorn horn glistens in a sunbeam that is protruding through the trees. This beautiful fantasy horse is set in an autumn forest with orange, yellow and green leaves. I first created this unicorn entirely from my own head in pen and ink, scanned in the drawing, and recreated it in color using Photoshop. I then digitally painted an autumn landscape behind the unicorn.


This design is available on many products. In the Zazzle stores, designs are entirely customizable!! Use the “Customize it” button to move or shrink the image, add your own text, etc. Change or remove inside text easily!

Design without the autumn background look great on any colored, black, or white background. Change the background color easily to your own liking! Add your own text, etc. Fully customizable!

Artist: ‘Trick Slattery

For more information on this artwork and how I created it check out this blog post.

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