Apr 182013

Here’s some alien artwork for you! I really enjoyed drawing these ones.

A green alien taking the wearer of the shirt for a drive:

Alien Ride T Shirt
Alien Ride T Shirt by TricksPlace

A waving alien taking his gigantic furry pet for a walk!

Alien Pet Walk T Shirts
Alien Pet Walk T Shirts by TricksPlace

Boxing alien? Sure, why not? I mean look at his boxer physique!

Boxing Alien Shirts
Boxing Alien Shirts by TricksPlace

Musician aliens, singer, rattler and trumpeter.

  4 Responses to “Aliens, Aliens, and More Aliens!”

  1. Great stuff. Are they 50/0 cotton/poly ? See separate email.

  2. These are awsome. I like the alien with the boxing gloves.

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