I’d love you to beome an affiliate of my products and think it would be a win/win situation. Each time someone clicks on a link with your referral code to one of my zazzle product, you earn a 15% referral fee on that sale + a volume bonus (starting at $100). My artwork is fun and unique, reasonably priced on products, and would be great for your niche site or social media posts.

To become an affiliate for any of my products simply join the Zazzle Associates Program based on your location (or location you want to affiliate for):

You can use your affiliate links to any of my products (or any zazzle products you like for that matter – though some store owners like it and some don’t). You can use the product links on any social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or you can create your own website with a niche topic (or a more generic site) and add my products with your code.

My Zazzle stores for your awesome product selection:

Also, if you have a Pinterest account, you can pin any of my designs and change the affiliate code to your own:


If you do use my products on your website, let me know your URL. I’d love to take a look and see what people are doing with them – and thank you personally! If you own your own zazzle store and you also affiliate out other people’s products on a website, give me a link to both your store and your website.

* Also, if you use a large number of my products on one of your sites for affiliate revenue and you own your own zazzle store as well, I could be inspired to create you your very own piece of unique artwork that you can use in your own zazzle store – for FREE (if you wanted to use it that is)! You’d have the license to use it on any product, no one else would ever have it or use it, and I wouldn’t use it. I would only ask that you place a link to either my website or my zazzle store somewhere in the description of your products (e.g. this art was created by ‘Trick and given to me as a gift) if you plan to use it. So be sure to show me your affiliate website with my products on it and your own zazzle store! My artwork takes time to make as they are hand drawn and digitally colored.

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