About Phurfoo



What’s a phurfoo? The furriest, cutest, most expressive creatures ever! A phurfoo is a furry lil’ creature found in a far off hidden land (you might think there aren’t any “hidden lands” any longer but you’d be wrong). Phurfoo (a word which applies to both singular and plural forms) have found and observe humans, but the phurfoo keep themselves hidden.

They are very interested in human activity and love to mimic their behavior. They’ve learned to create things such as sports equipment and they have their own versions of such games. They dine, they sometimes “dress up” in clothes, and they mimic what they perceive as humans having a good time.

Phurfoo don’t have language the way humans do. They have been known to make small sounds but their primary way to communicate is through their expressive eyes. Phurfoo can express emotions such as love, anger, jealousy, joy, fright, and so on – all through their eyes and body language. Through these visual cues they have developed an emotive language and a unique ability to empathize.

Like any creature, however, sometimes they misinterpret or don’t understand an emotion being expressed by another phurfoo. This can lead to confusion and rather funny behavior.

Phurfoo don’t eat in the conventional way. Rather as they move or scurry, some receptors in their lower fur follicles are able to absorb heat, moisture, and nutrients from the ground. Even though this is the case and they don’t have mouths like most animals, they’ll still mimic the way humans eat, usually with pretend food they “make”. Why they do this isn’t understood, but it appears to be more of an instinctual ritual to mimic such behaviors.

The body of the phurfoo is very flexible. It can bend and contort in a number of ways. It can coil down almost like an accordion and spring upward to jump. It can stretch and elongate it’s body to reach for something or scrunch down low. Each phurfoo is individual. Some have very large eyes, some smaller eyes, and most have different browlash (a combination of lashes and eyebrows) shapes that can help distinguish female from male phurfoo. Most phurfoo have darker fur up near the eyes (which helped with the expressive focus on the eyes), and lighter fur on the bottom which curves down into a sort of bell shape, meaning thinner on top and wider on bottom. Though this is the case, the shapes of phurfoo can vary from fat to thin, tall to short,, and a wide spectrum of shapes.

Phurfoo are loving creatures that care about the well-being of other phurphoo and any other creatures they come across. Due to their empathy, they can feel very sad when they see another creature harmed in any way. One of the reasons they hide from humans is the fear of viewing the harm that they do. Seeing something harmful can drop a phurfoo into a depressive state which can be contagious to other phurfoo who empathize with that depressed phurfoo. Even though this is the case, phurfoo are explorers by nature and will make attempts at observing people if they can catch them in a fun act. When they do, the joy they experience can be contagious as well.

This is believed to be one of the reasons they will mimic and attempt to recreate such behaviors. They are able to experience the sheer joy of the act, even if they don’t understand the point of the act or the reasons humans might do them.

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