May 142016

So I created my own facebook page for my artwork! Please show your support and like the page.

I also created an instagram account. Not much on it yet but I plan to add stuff to it, so if you use instagram and like my art, please connect with me.

rat-cat-dog-cookies-smallI created the image to the left for my niece in which I added her name going down the wall and had her peaking out out from behind it. Those parts have been taken out for this post, but I was thinking about placing this image on some Zazzle shirts where people can customize their own name going down the wall (under the cookie jar). Haven’t done that yet.

I’m also in the process of creating anĀ adult coloring-book. I have around 15 illustrations done but want around 25 (doing the in my spare time). I’ll also be offering free printable coloring pages on this website at some point. The images for the coloring-book will have much of my style, except designed specifically as coloring pages with patterns and intricate crannies for people to color in.

There are a whole lot of adult coloring-books out there, you might say that the market is flooded with them as there has been a recent craze surroundingĀ them, but I think mine will be very unique and address a niche that is not currently out there. Please stay tuned to this blog and connect with me on social media if you are interested.

Catch you all later,


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